8. Unmatched Reality, Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
(feat. Vinay Chadha and Nadia Jagessar)

Indian Matchmaking, the #1 show on Netflix in recent weeks, has taken the world by storm. From problematic themes regarding colorism, casteism, sexism, to being the train wreck you can't turn away from, one cast member has become a person people love to hate. Vinay Chadha, the man who stood up fan favorite Nadia, speaks to TWD about his story in part one of two surrounding the show in this double-feature week. On Part Two, is Nadia Jagessar, the breakout star and lovable heroine of her own love story on Netflix' Indian Matchmaking. Did she have some realities strike after filming? How did she adjust to her heartbreaks being played out on screen? What were her stories? Find out now on this double-episode of TWD!

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