9. When Do You Draw The Line?

Drug addiction--two words that South Asians hardly ever mention in conversation, but an issue that exists far more widely than we recognize. In India alone, the state of Punjab has three times the rate of addiction than the rest of India, with two thirds of the population having an addict in the family. While heroin is the choice drug in Punjab, and TWD focuses on the west, the issue isn't separated by miles the way we'd think. Even in the US, drug use is a rising problem among South Asian populations. On today's episode, we discuss cocaine addiction with Rupal Patel, a former addict now celebrating two years of recovery, and Nimrat Bindra, a drug dependency counselor in Texas who primarily works with felons who have violated their probation with drug use. 

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Drug addiction is hardly ever discussed but clearly, by our guest Rupal's story, we can gather that it happens. Did her story move you? Did you not realize that it was a big issue?

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