6. Trauma to Treasure

Please be aware this episode has a trigger warning on it for sexual violence, rape, assault, and shaming.

Sexual violence. Rape. Sexual assault. So many names for what can only be considered one thing: a violation of humanity. On this episode, Annika and Nehal do their best with a heavy topic by speaking with two guests--Jitna Bhagani, Founder of She Will Survive, a non-profit aimed at empowering women and girls and deconstructing the attitudes surrounding sexual violence in the South Asian community, and Ragini Chatterjee, a survivor of rape who shared her painful experience and the ways she was able to survive and thrive in spite of it. Topics such as grooming within the South Asian culture, teaching children to own their bodies, understanding how survivors may cope, and how we, as the South Asian collective culture, tend to shame those who have suffered enough, are explored on this episode.

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Sexual assault is an awful atrocity that can also be prevented with the right steps. Our guest Jitna Bhagani spoke about grooming, how South Asian parents should discuss bodily autonomy and consent with their children and more. What did you think? Do you agree? Is this an issue we need to be more proactive about as a society?

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