5. Not a Disg-Race

You asked, we delivered. After a large number of requests to do an episode on Interracial Relationships, TWD is coming at its listeners with a show on two interracial marriages. The first guest, Disha Smith of the blog Disha Discovers, was disowned by her family for falling in love with, and eventually marrying a Caucasian man. The second, Padma Richardson, had the blessing of her family and she explains how she's successfully navigated her interracial marriage with a Caucasian man named Nate, and what challenges they've faced with her traditional background. An eyeopening episode, this one may lead to more intercultural, interracial, and interfaith episodes as we continue on with further seasons! 

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Even the most liberal South Asian families have issues with marriages outside of our own communities. It's happening more and more often, yet elders in the community still disown, threaten, and look down upon marriages made to people who seemingly don't belong. Do you have experiences on this? Have you had a good or bad time including your significant other in our cultures? What are your thoughts?

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References and Resources
  • An article on Medium by Azn Identity: While this article was cited on the episode, there are facts to consider. Statistics regarding South Asians specifically are scarce and most statistics that are available only include marriages to Caucasians, but not blacks, Hispanics or any other race.

  • Disha Discovers: As we mentioned, Disha runs a blog documenting her travel to 84 countries and counting. 

  • ThoughtCo: an article on interracial relationships and widespread myths.

  • A study from the NIH about friendships and race had interesting implications that could be insightful in how we date as we get older.