3. Spillin' the Anxietea

Co-host Annika Sharma opened up about her depression and anxiety on this episode, along with Harpreet Gill, a listener who contributed her story as a depression survivor. Describing their experiences, physical feelings and coping mechanisms for anxiety, Annika and Nehal also had insights from Ravina Wadhwani, a mental health therapist with the South Asian Network, a grassroots organization aimed at assisting South Asians in the Bay Area with mental health issues, immigration problems, cultural stressors and more. A must-listen for anyone who is interested in how common mental health issues are amongst the South Asian community's women.

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Women's mental health is so quiet in South Asian cultures. We talked about an anxiety attack, depression, anxiety and how it feels. Do you have experiences with this? Do you see this play out with the women in your live?

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