1. Men-tality Shift

When South Asian men's mental health is searched on Google, there are hardly any significant findings, and contrary to first impressions, it's not because the problem doesn't exist. South Asians as a whole report higher rates of depression and anxiety than their similarly-aged, white counterparts, even after adjustments for socioeconomic status. Most mental health studies related to South Asians have been conducted in the UK, an indicator that Europe is ahead of the United States in recognizing this serious problem.

For the first time, TWD is hosting men on the episode to lend their brilliant insights about their mental health. Abhi Ravinutala, the founder of MannMukti, a non-profit aimed at sharing stories of South Asian mental health survivors, and Adarsh Satish, a survivor of depression and anxiety, speak about their experiences as South Asian men and the sad truth that mental health is a pervasive issue deserving of more attention.

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Men's mental health should be equally as protected and valued as women's mental health. South Asian culture often silences men by telling them they need to be manly or that they need to uphold a household. Do you have experiences with this? Do you see this play out with the men in your live?

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