Nehal Tenany

Nehal is an innovative, creative entrepreneur, social media and digital marketing professional established in San Francisco, CA. Highlights of her career include building and executing marketing strategies for paid, display, social, events, print and video in a timely manner and on-budget. She also manages various creative agencies to get her vision across on all platforms and to ensure branding and messaging is consistent on all forms of media.  When she’s not stuck in the world of social media, content creation and analytics, Nehal enjoys blogging about her international travels, style, dating advice and marketing tips for the modern consumer at She’s also an editor for Brown Girl Magazine. In her free time, Nehal loves binge-watching the Kardashians, trying new restaurants, spending time with her friends and family, and buying plane tickets - where is Nehal off to next?


Nehal graduated from the University of Arizona in 2016 and currently works as the Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist at BMC Software. Her other weekly hobbies include volunteering for Make-A-Wish Foundation (she loves kids!) and serving on the executive board of Rajasthanis Abroad Youth Samaj (RAYS), a cultural group for Rajasthanis in North America. 


Fun Facts: 


1. Nehal is a major adrenaline junkie - she’s gone bungee jumping, sky diving, waterfall sliding, cliff diving, you name it, she’ll probably jump off of it! 

2. Nehal’s “secret” dream job is to be a talk show host - or even a red carpet host of some sort. Quiz her on any pop culture, I dare you. 

3. Nehal used to be on a Bollywood fusion competitive dance team in college . She was actually the lead of UA Om Shanti in 2014 alongside her best friend, Nisha — they remade Frozen on stage (her favorite Disney movie!)

4. If Nehal could have one food for the rest of her life, it would be pasta alla vodka. 

5. Nehal is obsessed with all things superhero - Marvel movies and DC TV shows, catch her crying while watching Arrow, Flash or Endgame.