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  • Oh man, guys. We had SO MANY requests for this episode! What did you think? We definitely weren't able to cover everything related to interracial marriage but we hope the stories were insightful. Have you had experiences with interracial marriages? Are you in a relationship? How does it work and what issues do you guys face? Share below. Join the conversation.
  • Eating disorders...in cultures where body changes are discussed so openly, we're creating a cycle where people can't talk about their relationships with food in a healthy way and there's pressure to be perfect. Did anything resonate with you? How did Vaidehi's story affect you?
  • Women's mental health is discussed as "tension" or skimmed over in South Asian cultures but anxiety and depression are very, very real struggles for those going through them. Did our episode help you understand what anxiety feels like? Are there things you don't understand? Comment below!