Episode 8: It's Not All Rainbows and Unicorns

Pride month just ended but supporting the South Asian LGBTQIA community is something desis should do far more than one month out of the year. This week, the hosts of The Woke Desi speak with the brilliant Priya Arora. Priya is an editor by day, and a podcaster by night. Born and raised in California, they moved to N.Y.C. to pursue a graduate degree in counseling psychology, and found their voice as a community activist and writer. Priya is now an editor at The New York Times, and previously worked at HuffPost and Yahoo. Priya currently serves on the board of SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association, and previously served on the board of SALGA NYC, the tri-state area's largest South Asian LGBTQ+ organization. They are also the host and creator of Queering Desi, a podcast celebrating South Asian LGBTQ+ people.

As TWD's hosts wrote this episode, they were struck by how much straight privilege they had, and used this as a guiding point for their conversation with Priya. Speaking about LGBTQIA communities within the South Asian population in the US, they discussed rights yet to be won, issues with coming out, and the uniqueness of the challenges faced within brown society. An eye-opening episode, this is one not to be missed.

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LGBTQIA rights in the South Asian community have a long way to go. Whether it's in South Asia or in the United States, the battle is still ongoing. What realizations did you come to during this episode? Do you have biases of your own? Have you caught your straight privilege the same way the hosts did? 

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