Episode 7: Love and Abuse

Two out of five South Asian women are estimated to be in abusive situations. This staggering statistic is tragically underreported because of societal pressure to keep one's dirty laundry to themselves, a permeating and accepting culture of abuse, and victim blaming that can often lead to secrecy and shame. Despite these disheartening attitudes, one thing is still clear: every single person has a right to safety and South Asians are no different.

On this episode, we speak with Shikha Patel, LCSW about the signs and red flags to look out for and the different types of abuse that she sees within her work, particularly with South Asian clients. The Woke Desi is also privileged to have another guest on this episode--a young female listener (who wanted to stay anonymous) shares her experience falling in love, getting married and facing domestic abuse from both her husband and her in-laws, leading to her being thrown out with the clothes on her back.

Join the Conversation

Abuse is so prevalent amongst South Asian families. It's underreported, and the fear of letting people into our business often leads us to keep quiet. What are your experiences with the various types of abuse described on the episode? Have you helped a loved one out of a situation? What are some tips you can offer to support the rest of the TWD community?

Let's create a conversation around this painful issue. Comment on our forum here.

  • The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233, a resource that offers aid on what to do if you're in an abusive situation (with a safe exit button on the website), ways to identify your own behavior and whether it's abusive, and help to get out. Please be aware that calling this hotline will not cause a police visit.

  • Emotional Abuse Crisis Text Line: a texting resource connecting people to trained counselors

  • Sakhi for South Asian Women: A resource for South Asian women who are in abusive situations

  • Kiran, Inc: A resource for South Asian domestic violence victims

  • Daya Houston: A resource for South Asians who have been victims of domestic or sexual abuse.