Episode 6: The Inconceivable Truth

Gutwrenching, broken silence. That was the only thing left in the wake of guest Shreeda Tailor's story. We had no words.

A husband's sorrow. A mother's grief. Losses that neither they nor doctors can explain clearly--and the sad fact that medicine still struggles to reason the miscarriages and infertility that afflict over 7.4 million women. 

The most powerful episode of The Woke Desi explores infertility, miscarriage and South Asian culture. Men contribute to or cause 40% of infertility in couples. 1 in 4 to 1 in 5 pregnancies will end in a miscarriage. With such high rates, one would imagine the South Asian population would speak about these losses and obstacles with more openness but sadly, the opposite is true. For cultures that are so results-driven, the struggle to conceive a child or birth a child is often seen as a failure. Both women and men are encouraged to move on, but are often omitted from religious functions or isolated in their sadness.

Shreeda's story, backed with the expertise of infertility specialist Dr. Rashmi Kudesia, allows men and women of all ages to understand the pain and grieving of this all-too-common loss, support those experiencing it, and serves as a lesson on how to empower oneself regarding your reproductive health. This critical episode is one TWD team hopes everyone will listen to, pass on to those who are suffering, and learn from.

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