Episode 4: Just Go With The Flow. Period.

Periods aren't just a girl thing.

In South Asian culture, it means women are often prevented from going to places of worship, mingling with family, or, in Asia, even going to school. In this episode, we explore our own family traditions, why we agree or disagree with the idea of women "sitting out" and being isolated, how periods can often be a giant clash between Eastern and Western ideals, and how menstrual equity is different depending on the part of the world you grow up in. We hope the guys and the girls tune in for this one!

Join the Conversation

Do you believe in the concept of social isolation? Should it be respected because it's traditional or thrown out because it's archaic? As a guy, did you think about these experiences women face?

Let's start a conversation and begin breaking this taboo topic into parts we can make sense of.