Episode 3: Until Society Do Us Part

Biodatas? Marriage? What?!? The pressure to get married is inevitable once you've come of age—AKA post-grad for most women in South Asian culture. From society’s expectations of looks, wealth, and education to the shame we are made to feel if we are unmarried, this onion just does not stop peeling. A few of us simply want to chase our dreams, others want partners and family, but most of us want the best of both. How can we attain both without feeling broken? Here are three difference takes on this beautiful, but often burdensome, social phenomenon. 

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After a certain age, the pressure is ON in South Asian communities for single people to get married quickly. What are your stories? Do you have any experiences? What talked you into or out of marriage at certain points in your life? Share your thoughts on our forum and let's have a chat.