Episode 2: Unfair and Always Lovely
(feat. Nehal Mehra)

TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that this episode contains mentions of suicidal thoughts.

"You're too dark."
"You're too light."
"She must be sick."
"She's 'healthy.'"

The beauty standards in South Asian culture are staggering. We talk to Nehal Mehra, self-love influencer, makeup artist, and all-around brilliant Indian woman, about the bogus standards we as desi women have been held to, how society needs to change and how we can transform our lives by adjusting the way we speak to ourselves.

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Beauty standards are really upsetting and can be so difficult to face. What are your biggest pet peeves? What needs to change? Do you have comments that have stuck with you? What are the differences between guys and girls in our communities when it comes to appearance and expectations?

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