Episode 10: Are We "Move-In" Too Fast?

Living together--two words that cause a flutter of excitement in any gossiping aunty group. In this episode, Nehal and Annika (Resham had a family commitment this week!) explore live-in relationships, or cohabiting, with a significant other before marriage. Laws have only recently been passed in India--the only South Asian country to create a legal form of protection--but social opinions haven't made the same jump to acceptance quite yet, and the hosts explore their own thoughts along with facts and figures about the changing trend of cohabitation in South Asian cultures.

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Are you all about living together before you're married? How else are you supposed to figure someone out? Or are you a fan of finding out more after you're in it for life? Is that part of the fun?

Cohabitation is a rising trend but a hot topic! Let us know what you think on our forum!