Episode 1: Swipe Left or Find Mr. Right

"So...what are we?" How many times have we asked that question of the person we're seeing? At the very least, how many times have we wondered what stage of seeing someone we're in? In the world of dating apps, anonymity, and a million options at your fingertips, the landscape of love has transformed into one of swipes, likes, and instant gratification. In this first episode of The Woke Desi, we share a few crazy dating stories, some expectations, and all the WTFs that dating brings. Subscribe, like, and share to support The Woke Desi on all platforms now.

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In a fun twist, after listening to this episode, one of our listeners contacted Annika about how she had gone on a date with the very same guy (dubbed The Tickle Monster, by listeners!) and they shared a laugh. Do you have any dating app woes? Any crazy stories? Frustrating moments? Social commentary?

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