Annika Sharma

Born a Delhi girl and raised in central Pennsylvania, Annika Sharma followed her Penn State-loving heart to college in Happy Valley. There, she graduated with two Bachelor's degrees in Biobehavioral Health and Neuro-Psychology. A career teaching young children soon followed. After two years of working in early education, she paused for a summer before embarking on her graduate school career, and wrote her first novel, The Rearranged Life, during her time off. Shortly after earning her Master's degree in Early Childhood Special Education, she was signed to Donaghy Literary Agency--a move that landed her a book deal for The Rearranged Life with Curiosity Quills press. The novel was released in 2015. The Rearranged Life received a 5-Star Review from Readers' Favorite, was mentioned in Kirkus Reviews and the Chicago Tribune, and sold Polish language rights.

In March of 2017, her three-book series about an Indian-American group of friends, each with their own unique and challenging cultural love stories, was picked up by Sourcebooks. The first of the three books, LOVE, CHAI, & OTHER FOUR-LETTER WORDS, will be released October 5, 2021.

Annika currently lives in New York City with her husband, while working as a health communications manager by day and running a career as an author at night. A Gryffindor and Scorpio, she is a lover of endless conversations, college football, traveling, books, all things related to England, dancing, superhero movies and coffee. 


Fun facts:

  1. Annika loves history--she studied abroad in Rome, would move to London just to bask in the vibe, and her favorite shows are The Crown, Victoria, The Medicis, and the White Queen.

  2. She loves to cook and feed people!

  3. If she could have dinner with any historical figures, it would be Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Noor Jahan, and Kate Middleton...there’s a serious royals obsession happening.

  4. Annika has an encyclopedic memory of celebrity knowledge and wishes that memory kicked in with science classes in school.

  5. She’s a proud Penn State alum--she has 10 family members who also graduated from there, grew up in the same town, and still chooses a navy/white color combination over all else when buying clothes.